Our Beers

Seven Clans Brewing will be focused on product development and strengthening their brand during the Spring of 2018. Seven Clans Brewing has contracted with BearWaters Brewing in Canton, North Carolina, to facilitate the brewing process of their recipes until the Seven Clans Brewery is constructed.

MotherTown Blonde Ale

BlondeAleSunrise5smFor Cherokees, our homeland is where life begins and the first sip of this ale is just that - a new beginning, a renewal for the soul. This rich, medium-bodied blonde is inspired by the original Cherokee mother, Selu, and incorporates a hint of corn to symbolize her eternal gift to the Cherokee. This blonde ale embodies the floral crispness of our homeland’s mountain air and serene spirit indicative of Selu herself.

7 Clans Blonde Ale is a malt-forward American Blonde Ale featuring rich, bready Vienna malt. Willamette hops provide a light floral presence and low bitterness for balance. This medium-bodied blonde is crisp with high drinkability.

Hop-Rooted IPA

HopRootedWoods2smIndigenous cultures around the world know that nature never fails to provide just what our bodies need and our taste buds crave. Sustaining a harmonious relationship with the land is essential to our wellbeing. So for this brew, we dug deep to unearth our Hop-Rooted IPA. By cultivating intensefloral and citrus notes to compliment Pacific Northwest Centennial hops’ bitterness, we’ve gone back to the secret of earthly goodness — balance.

This American IPA features intense floral and citrus notes utilizing Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest. Bitterness is bright and balanced without being over the top. Dry-hopped with even more Centennial for an extra punch of pungent hop goodness.