Our Story

Like our inaugural brew’s inspiration, Selu, Seven Clans Brewing is a labor of a mother’s love for her family, community, and heritage. At Seven Clans, we believe that women are fundamentally strong, so our beer should never be weak. We honor our responsibility to our homeland’s gifts and to authentically represent our culture by fashioning a quality product everyone can enjoy.

Native American Owned & Operated

Morgan&Collette_March2018With a female-majority owned business of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian members, once again history is being made in the Western North Carolina craft beer industry. In keeping with the long tradition of women within indigenous cultures crafting fermented beverages, Seven Clans Brewing has been born to Western North Carolina.

As Cherokees, we believe it is time to tell our own stories, to begin a new chapter of Cherokee legends. One way to do this is through presenting a high-quality, craft product imbued with integrity, creativity, and character. Both ancient art forms, Cherokee storytelling and craft brewing, engage communities in conversations, invite laughter, and generate an appreciation for the artistry of life. We are proud to unite these natural partners and continue the legacy of Cherokee ingenuity and resiliency through our beers.

We invite you to join us and become part of our story.


Our Beers

Our first creation, "7 Clans Blonde Ale," was inspired by our Cherokee homeland and the legendary Cherokee woman, Selu. We are Cherokee, so it’s natural that our artwork and branding reflect a love for our culture and engages our customer with a type of storytelling. While this is a contemporary approach to sharing culture, we endeavor to respectfully and authentically peak the curiosity of our consumers so that they will ultimately seek out their own personal experience with our vibrant Cherokee people and culture,” explains Morgan Owle-Crisp, President of Seven Clans Brewing.

Next, we dug deep to unearth our "Hop-Rooted IPA." By cultivating intensefloral and citrus notes to compliment Pacific Northwest Centennial hops’ bitterness, we’ve gone back to the secret of earthly goodness — balance.


7 Clans team thanks you for the amazing support and interest in our beer. Since our debut in March we have been active in many discussions about what the future holds for us. We have some incredible opportunities within our reach that we are pursuing while we continue to grow our availability to local consumers at a sustainable rate each week.